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Family Rosaceae

A family of plants widely recognized because it contains many familiar foods and showy plants. Apples, cherries, strawberries, almonds, peaches and plums are all in the rose family. Of course, it includes roses. The flowers tend to be showy, generally with five petals and protruding stamens. Plants may be herbacious, shrubs or trees.

Over 2800 genera. Currently in this database: 8 genera, 10 species

Amelanchier (serviceberries)

      Amelanchier laevis (serviceberry, shadbush)

Argentina   (silverweed)

      Argentina anserina (silverweed)

Prunifolia   (Chokeberries)

      Aronia prunifolia (purple chokeberry)

Fragaria   (Strawberries)

      Fragaria virginiana (common wild strawberry)

Geum   (Avens)

      Geum rivale (purple avens)
      Geum triflorum (prairie smoke)

Rubus   (Raspberries)

      Rubus occidentalis (blackberry)
      Rubus parviflorus (thimbleberry)


      Spiraea alba (narrowleaf meadowsweet)
      Spiraea latifolia (meadowsweet)

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