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Family Ranunculaceae

A family of mostly herbaceous plants, generally with five parts. Leaves are usually divided or lobed. Ranunculus have colored petals, but other genera have colored sepals instead of petals.

About 60 genera. Currently in this database: 7 genera, 12 species

Caltha   (Caltha)

      Caltha palustris (marsh marigold)

Clematis   (Clematis)

      Clematis virginiana (old-man's beard, virgin's bower)

      Clematis crispa (swamp leatherflower, blue jasmine, marsh clematis)

Coptis   (Coptis)

      Coptis groenlandica (goldthread)

Delphinium   (Delphinium)

      Delphinium tricorne (dwarf larkspur)

Hepatica   (Hepatica)

      Hepatica nobilis americana (round-lobed hepatica)

Hydrastis   (Goldenseal)

      Hydrastis canadensis (goldenseal)

Ranunculus   (Buttercup)

      Ranunculus abortivus (kidneyleaf buttercup)
      Ranunculus acris (common or tall buttercup)
      Ranunculus hispidus (hispid buttercup)
      Ranunculus sceleratus (cursed buttercup, cursed crowfoot)
      Ranunculus septentrionalis (swamp buttercup)

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